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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Luminara candles work?

Luminara candles use flame effect technology that combines electromagnetics and highly focused LED lights to create the illusion of a living, dancing flame on top of the candle. This makes Luminara candles unique in their appearance.

Where can I buy the Luminara Candles?

Our candles are available to purchase from our online shop. However, if you are looking to buy our unique candles locally please drop us an e-mail letting us know where you are located and we will contact you with further information.

It seems you only have unscented candles available? Do you have scented ones?

We produce both unscented and scented candles.

Do you have votives and tea lights?

Not yet, but they are in our product line-up and should be introduced in 2016 along with other new ranges

Can I use my candles on the patio in severe wind conditions?

That is one of the great attributes of the Luminara Candles.  Yes, they tolerate wind and the flame won’t go out.  However just as with any small device, you should bring them into protect them from severe weather and rain conditions. Rain or water will damage the circuit board and not be covered under warranty. We have also launched a special Outdoor Luminara which can be left outside and used in all weather conditions.

What is the candle shell made out of?

The shell is paraffin wax.  Because there is no burning wick, there are no potentially harmful toxins that are emitted which makes the Luminara candle a perfect solution for asthma and other respiratory sufferers as well as the environment.

My candle is flashing/blinking or not working, is it a defective product?

No, it is a low battery indicator. Your Luminara flameless candle will begin flashing/blinking when the batteries are too weak to properly power the candle. If your candle begins flashing/blinking please turn off the candle and replace the batteries.

If the candles have not been used for a long time, but the batteries have been left inside, it's very likely that they have leaked and corroded the metal plates on the battery cover as well as the spring inside the candle. It's worth checking the state of those elements and perhaps scratch the metal plate on the battery cover with a screwdriver to ensure the electrical contact is possible. Also, you can try extending the spring inside the candle a bit more so that it applies more pressure when the battery is in place.

Do you have a timer version of the candle?

Currently we have a timer option that allows the flame to be set for 5 hours and off for 19 hours (this is optional as one can always just turn on and off when convenient).

How do I replace the batteries?

Please see instructions for replacing the batteries of your Luminara candle.

What is the expected battery life?

  • AA alkaline batteries - approx. 100 hours of "burn time"
  • D alkaline batteries - approx. 500 hours of "burn time"

Please note that continuous use of the timer function will reduce battery life.

Is my candle remote control enabled?

Remote control enabled candles have a distinct marking on the bottom. Check your candle for the "IR enabled"

Do you have a video showing how Luminara candles work?